When CRM is this bad...

Like many others it seems, I have had the most excruciating CRM experience I’ve had in both my professional experience and human existence (so far anyway).

It’s not that the experience was just bad - it is that it is so obviously wrong you have to wonder at a) why someone thought it was a good way to work and approved it, and b) how the company can exist for much longer.

In fact, the business in question re-branded at a high old cost because their previous brand was associated with poor success and experience. So they changed the logo and kept the same inept back-end processes that caused the previous bad performance and reputation. Yes - you read that right - they literally changed the pretty pictures and hoped the bad reputation would go away!

How about delivering a better experience for the customers? Now there's a thought...

Here’s their Twitter page;

They are so bad at customer engagement that they have a locked door - to their customers. OMG.

And they don’t seem to have heard of Social Listening - the quickest search of #evri on Twitter will show anyone - including their social media team - how badly they are performing and the massive damage their are inflicting on themselves.

My most recent experience (not just once but twice) suggests that no-one in this parcel delivery business has walked through their CRM processes.

I sent a birthday package to my brother in law - just little things, all wrapped up in paper and bubble wrap and then in a sturdy box. These were bought from the local Morrisons. I book a next day delivery with Evri (insured) and drop off before the required time. Two days after expected delivery date I track the parcel to see what’s happening. To my great surprise I see this;

Now first of all - why didn’t I get an automatic notification of the issue via email? The system knows what’s happened so why not tell me - why do I have to discover myself? Second, I am the sender. How can I contact myself to resolve the issue?

So I try to contact Evru and have the joys of their bot to endure;

Am I the shipper or recipient but the buttons say different options? Okay, I’ll assume shipping = sending. Here’s the response;

FFS Holly - I am the sender!!!! I have contacted myself and we have concluded that as you damaged the parcel you need to sort it out.

So I use the phone number - the automated bot also tells me contact the sender but thankfully offers a “speak to someone” option.

The chap was nice and tried to be helpful but even he could see how wrong this was. He said - I’ll send you claim forms for the two lost packages - ah yes, I nearly forgot about the other one. In December 2021 I sent a christmas gift ( a family photo album we had printed) that still hadn’t been delivered. He advised it was lost. (Again, I was not told what they knew in the system - WTF?!!)

Anyway - I got the forms and it all gets even worse…

Seriously?! How can I provide such information? It wasn’t an eBay transaction! It wasn’t a Paypal one either! The insurance requirements did not say I had to scan the Morrisons receipt!
Also - and get this, it’s a cracker;

How in the name of god can I provide one, let alone two, clear pictures of the damage that Evri has caused whilst in their network?!!!

As you can see the fields are required - so I can’t submit the claim form. To get compensation for the loss they caused, that is covered by insurance they charged me for.

I notified them of course but no reply yet. Needless to say that hell will have to freeze over before I ever use Evri again.

And that’s where we are today - to be continued…

In the meantime - some free of charge thoughts for Evri;
  1. What if the person doing the tracking is the sender?
  2. What if your system knows there’s a problem and a claim needs to be made?

And should anyone from Evri read this - you need serious help. I am a process consultant and have been for nearly 30 years. I strongly suggest you use someone like me to show how it should be done - or you’re going to have to pay for some new pretty pictures - or worse, pay an awful lot of money in redundancy packages.

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