CRM & Flowlu - an ideal relationship

It's like the honeymoon phase isn't it - getting to explore new ways of working with a new app or platform. Particularly when it's so relationship based - customer/clients, prospect/leads - people interacting with people.
But it is still amazing how many businesses don't have consistent systems or processes for dealing with a new lead, or customer feedback, or all those business cards you got at that lost conference - or indeed what you talked about with them (because your pen ran out, remember?).
But then the honeymoon stage finishes, when you find out this shiny platform isn't what it first seemed to be and now either lets you down or means you spend even more time managing your CRM.
Enter stage left, the solution to this and all your other CRM-related embarrassing stories... Flowlu.
This is an amazing platform that is both simple and complex - or rather can be as complex as you want to make it; which means it can support you as you upscale your business without having to change your grass root systems.

Why is it amazing, you ask?
Well, there's the obvious one first - so many modules! Apart from the requisite CRM elements, there is also finance, time-tracker, mind map, knowledge base, teams/roles, workspaces, product, projects, agile projects and a file repository. What's more is that a full client portal is coming out in November 2021. 
Which takes us neatly to the second big factor - committed development team. There are new functions planned, as well as expanding existing functions. This is no Asana that just sits there with no change for years on end (despite customer feedback) - Flowlu is a dynamic business committed to growth and they truly meet their commitments. 

Third - responsiveness. Both in terms of support through their official channel or on their Facebook group, responses are quick and accurate; if you do get stuck, you won't be stuck for long!

Fourth we come to the secret sauce - my favourite bit! Custom workflows and automations. Much like why I am a big fan of ActiveCampaign, the ability to create your own workflow is vital to support your customer experience objectives. Similarly with leads, you want them to have a great, confidence-building experience with you - and a way to deliver that is by moving through your own custom sales funnel with unlimited variables, automatically. You can even have custom lists that makes sure that any of your team will handle every lead the exact way you would do it yourself.

And customer experience is the very foundation of customer retention. So your people-facing processes are fundamental to that. With Flowlu, you have a multi-dimensional capability of workflows, lists, fields and automations, that are linked in whatever way you want to link them. This could even be down to different offerings you have. I was chatting with a photographer client recently and she had a great example of this because her Virtual 360 offering has different elements/processes than her headshot offer. Flowlu can absolutely accommodate that - and this is key because what you don't want is to squeeze everyone through a sub-optimal custom process that's almost right, some of the time!

No - you want process A for offer A and process B for offer B.

I use Flowlu myself - every single day. Be it to create a mind map or to record customer conversations in their record file (in real time whilst I chat with said customer), or send out new proposals - oh, I nearly forgot, there's a great Flowlu app that let's you add and update information when you are out and about (take a pic of that business card, add a new record, attach the image - done! 😊 )

I love it so much that I recently launched a new service where I will set it all up for you, your way, for your clients, to deliver the best customer experience, consistently - without losing or forgetting about leads either!

The benefits are huge - you will see them in increased retention rates and in lead conversion rates - you (or your team) will spend LESS time on client/prospect processes and/or management.

There is more information on my service here - www.obvi-us.com/flowlu.

Get in touch - if you are Flowlu user (or want to be), then I am sure you won't regret it!