Two-day in-person events harnessing all the experience of your staff and focusing it on Facebook Groups and Customer Engagement making it the best it can be - which will make your graphs go up.
Learn about the 4 crucial pillars of process-first creative CRM - build a unique infusion of these elements to define - and become - your business DNA.
· Focused, experience-rich way of exploring your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and considering the voice of the customer.

· Look at the whole CRM scene, not just fragmented, silo-based views.

· Understand your customer’s journey better than ever before and understand where business is being lost and experience could be boosted.

· The results always show new concepts that better support the customer, better support how staff work together and increases lifetime client value.

· These workshops are exciting and dynamic environments that always yield way more than can be anticipated. Unique exercises ensure a participatory environment, engaging all attendees with plenty of opportunities to ensure their skills and experience contribute to the workshop objectives.

· Most of the time, staff have never seen their processes before - some companies don't even have the written down anywhere - which means you have silo divisons; where departments do what they think is right but neither care about nor interact with other departments (or indeed the whole process!).

Everyone leaves feeling they’ve been heard and are valued - and all of them can’t wait to read the report!

Hi - I'm Neil Gowans*
Founder & Principal Consultant
Hello - I'm Neil, and I've been in customer and business processes since before Google was born! Let me bring you a workshop that will will open new CRM opportunity landscapes using your existing assets and put a strategy in place that's customised to how your business runs.

Setting up a strong CRM is a lot of work.
My 4-pillar approach to CRM has been validated through over 70 workshops, with 62 businesses worldwide.

These hugely successful workshops have been delivered to global corporates like Etihad, SITA and Roland and I have extensive CRM and customer process experience - over 20 years worth.

During that time I developed the proven process-first creative CRM approach that will transform how you think about CRM forever - and your results will too!


CRM is...
...way more than just being nice to a customer!
CRM is way more than just being nice to a customer!
Here are just some of the key reported CRM challenges business face on an almost daily basis.

We investigate these main challenges to the ideal customer journey, and explore how these can be mitigated and used to create market advantage.

We use my 4-pillar PRO approach - a methodology and mantra that produces results and insights that you wouldn't even know were possible - and if you have any CRM issues, we will find out the why shortly before getting rid of those pain points for you (and your customers).

  • Agenda
    A workshop agenda is crafted to suit your CRM status, your service/products, your staff and your strategic objectives. Whilst the 4-pillars provide the core activites, variations may be necessary to accommodate your own variations - this is a key part of the process, so care and attention is paramount.

  • Workshop
    Definitely the exciting bit! This is where we get everyone together and we explore and hunt and track down everything that comes up in our quest for process-first creative CRM success for your business. It's energetic and relies on quality staff who know their stuff. We squeeze every ounce of value out of the time we have together and I promise that, other than great content for the report, your staff will be so enthusiastic to implement the changes they have seen that are possible - and how dramatic the benefits will be. It's usually my biggest problem with workshops - "is the report ready yet - can we have it early?"!!

  • Report
    A comprehensive report capturing all results from the workshop activities. This data forms the basis of the recommendations - strategic and tactical - to transform your CRM activities from how the perform now to how they will perform in the future, removing all previous pain points AND delighting your customers too.
Every workshop is unique in its scope, dynamics and objectives so the agenda will be similarly unique (always developed through client consultation) - but here's a representative agenda example of the first day, just to give you a sense of the flavour and flow of an OBVI-US CRM workshop;
Inspiring creative interaction and action
Staff get the opportunity to exchange their ideas and experience within in a proven framework which unleashes the power of Process-First Creative CRM.
CRM strategy development
What do your customers seek and why?
How can you deliver it?
Is there something else that would bring more value?
How can CRM be used to grow competitive advantage?
What are our processes anyway - anyone actually SEEN them?

These are key questions - and there are many more of them - that help define on what a CRM must do and what your customers expect it to do - and it's easy to get it wrong. An OBVI-US workshops makes sure you get it right.

True Cross-functional Collaboration
With visibility comes understanding - why processes need to do certain things; what the customer journey actually looks like means you can then understand what it FEELS like for the customer - which must always accomodate regional and / or regulatory variations!

A workshop provides an ongoing platform for championing communication best practices across the business.

And one of the key benefits of a workshop is this;


The clarity from knowing the ideal customer journey provides your staff with the focused energy to go out and deliver it.
At the end of the workshop, the data is collated and analysed. This results in a workshop report which is the primary deliverable - it is the roadmap to your ideal CRM processes, removing all the nasties that need to be squished. The recommendation is unique to your business, the objectives and to your customers. It is not available anywhere else and cannot be achieved in any other way - and it has all the answers you need.
Happier clients = happier you
It is so often the case your staff know better ways of engaging with your communities - an OBVI-US workshop gives them the space and framework to 'let it all out' and be collated in a meaningful and applicable way.


  • A certified facilitator with over 25 years experience
  • A corporate process & business analyst with over 20 years experience
  • Unswerving support to meet your objectives
  • A reliable and committed member of your team, thriving on your success
  • A plan and how to follow it
  • Proprietary document which documents your Flowlu config
  • CRM best practices built-in
  • Community development & strategy
  • Surveys to boost relevancy
  • Business & CRM process design
  • GDPR (and all the other) compliance built-in
  • Options to suit your current budget
  • I make graphs that go up (KPIs)
  • Scottish dad; loves his family and single malt whisky ????
  • I'm a musician - so clearly love creativity!
❤️results that you will love

Sound like what you need?
Here's how it works
A two-day workshop starts at £4,850 - plus any additional expenses such as travel and accommodation.

You define your project team and we all meet (usually by zoom/etc) to determine the workshop objectives and mandatory elements that must be covered. We then agree agenda and who should attend. Finally, we book up a venue (usually your premises but can just as easily be off-site) and highlight any particular logistical requirements.

Not sure what to do next?

Let's arrange a chat, I’m confident you won't regret it.

Want to learn more about Workshops?

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