CRM Process Power Hour

An hour of super-focused CRM process help,
just for you
Need sound advice on how to create or want to brainstorm about successful CRM processes?

Book your call and I'll help you get it sorted.
It's £197, inclusive.

Individual focus
I'm yours for a full hour. No distractions - just us.
All about you and your Flowlu.
Instant feedback
Get powerful, advice you can use right away. Way quicker than waiting for support to respond.
Zero commitment
There's no sales pitch - there's no offer. If you want to know about the other things I can do, just ask.

  • Pick your 1-hour slot
    Check your availability, check mine and then book a time that works best.
  • What's your Flowlu problem?
    Let me know what you'd like to discuss on our call.
  • Confirm and pay
    Once your payment comes through, we're good to go.
Is this right for you?

You'll get most benefit from this if you're a coach or consultant, freelancer, startup, or small business just starting out with Flowlu. Or perhaps you want to know how to make your existing setup even better, with deep insights around Flowlu features and functions and possibly;

  • Need advice on a specific Flowlu, CRM, or process challenge (For instance, why is your sales funnel not converting? How can you use automations better? What data do you need to make project delivery better?)

  • Have process or functional ideas you'd like some feedback on

  • Are happy to try out what I suggest - be curious and give it a go

  • You'll get lots of actionable advice based on my 25+ years' experience developing airline operational and CRM processes, and for 60+ Flowlu clients over 30+ industry types

  • Guaranteed non-salesy!

As we only have an hour it's not possible to cover detailed stuff such as integrations due to specific complexities of individual platforms and settings.

It probably isn't for you if you:

  • Need expert help developing a CRM strategy or optimising processes

  • Want me to set up your Flowlu

But if you do want help with such things, I do offer services that will help - use the contact form for more information about that.

Sound like what you need?
Book your call - I’m confident you won't regret it.
Some client comments...
  • Neil is a wizard and a joy to work with. He's fast, professional, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. I wish that everyone I worked with brought as much to the table as Neil.
    Bob Frady
    CEO, Hazard Hub, San Diego, CA
  • Neil has been a fabulous business partner in helping me setup my back office systems. His expert knowledge in Flowlu and industry knowledge is a jewel in understanding my requirements and implementing them into a sustainable business model. You can't go wrong with Neil as your business solutions integrator.
    Lisa Turner
    CEO, LRT Associates, Westerville, Ohio
  • Not only is Neil lovely to work with but he is also incredibly knowledgeable in this field; he's a musician so he gets me and my community - I fully trust him and his guidance and I am absolutely blown away by what he has achieved for me in such a short space of time. He doubled my email engagement within a month. Neil is the most organised person I have ever worked with; he's forward thinking and ahead of the game and I look forward to working with him more throughout the coming months and further into the future.
    Rachel K Collier
  • I came to Neil drowning in email automation if/when's/whatevers. My head was spinning with all the options and I did my best trying to do it myself and it didn't work. He came back a few days later with a beautiful matrix. He was patient and took me through the whole thing explaining the flow to me. It worked. He's a genius when it comes to putting your business on automation and thinking of all the details of your customer's journey. I trust Neil with my email list, which means I trust him with my business success.
    Andreea Grad
    Owner, Ponder and Spoon, Brazov, Romania
  • We were keeping track of clients via PostIt notes and Google Sheets. When I lost a several thousand dollar client bc they fell through the cracks, I decided to purchase Flowlu, but I was overwhelmed by all the customizations. I already had enough on my plate, and I needed to implement a CRM ASAP - I didn't have time to master another powerful software!! Then I hired Neil. He did a thorough assessment of our business and learned our unique processes so that he could build sales funnels and project workflows that work for me. He helps maintain our CRM, and clients are no longer falling through the cracks. The best practices and automations he implemented for us have nearly doubled our income in one year's time.
    Esther Gambrell
    Joint Owner, Shining Star Studios, Greenville, SC
  • Neil has been a godsend for my business since the coronavirus shut the doors to my business premises. I moved everything online and with Neil's help I have achieved more than I thought was possible, to the point where I may not even bother to re-open the premises as online work is doing so well. He opened my eyes to what is possible with CRM. He is so hands on and will be there to help no matter what I tell him my goals are (I have a new one almost every week!). I would strongly recommend Neil's services to anyone wanting to use CRM as an effective way to grow their business.
    Sabrina Mitchell

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