My Favourite Tools

It really is tough - deciding on your 'tech stack'. Everyone has an opinion (or five) - platforms keep giving great offers (and there are new apps every day!), do you go for that 'all-in-one' solution or the specialist one and then there's your budget to consider as well as your tech capability - the noise is deafening!

  • Save yourself a huge amount of time trying to find out what works best - I've done all that already, so you don't have to
  • Save your money - trying out lots of new tools takes time and money
  • Use the time you save on your product or service or your business or your clients
  • Remember that your processes (like email automations) are as important as your product or service processes - it's what your contacts see BEFORE they see your value

I only recommend tools that I actually use every day.

I love processes (I know, weird right?) and can only use tools every day that make sense to me and help me achieve the right end result. I have spent countless hours testing and experimenting - so save yourself a whole lot of time by considering the tools/platforms listed below!

Some of the links below are affiliate links which means I may receive payment if you purchase those products. There is no difference in cost to you.

To succeed online, you don't need just great tools, you need to learn how to use them. Some tools make that less easy than it should be through clunky processes or functions. Or indeed, you find that the tool doesn't do quite everything you thought it might...

The tools listed below are worth your time investment AND have the right functions for you to build a successful online business.


If you use my links to start using Flowlu, I will give you,

FREE OF CHARGE, two hours of my time to get you setup exactly the right way for you!

This is a powerhouse for managing small business CRM! Contacts, leads, sales, invoicing, time tracking, task management, team collaboration, report generation - it even has mindmapping! It impresses me everytime I use it - which is every day.

I ❤ SendFox! This is a really simple and easy to use email marketing platform. Whilst it's got automation capability it, it's not as powerful as say, ActiveCampaign, but if you only need simple conditional triggers then SendFox is a great option. A unique feature is its Smart Pages which is a great way to engage and grow an email list. I have it set up to integrate with Flowlu (along with TidyCal below). It's on a great deal of $49 just now so well worth a look!

Plectica is a fairly recent find that I'm so delighted with! Coming from a corporate background I always used Microsoft Visio - but this is pricey and complex. Plectica brings simplicity back to your process thinking - it focuses on getting your idea down and shareable. I love the walk-through capability too, with way points so that you can fully engage your customer in the new process/way of working. Brilliant.

Again there are several options in the market for good scheduler platforms - but TidyCal gets it for me because it so simple and easy (me and my processes again!). One of the ways it's better than competitors like Calendly is that you can create different calendars for different booking types - this has been a lifesaver for me given a world-wide customer base. And it's on a Lifetime deal at only one payment of $29 - amazing value. Also it integrates beautifully with Flowlu - just sayin' ;)

This AI-driven video meeting note taking platform has transformed how I do all my online meetings! Not only does it record any browser-delivered video (eg Zoom, Teams, BigMarker, Sessions, etc), it does two brilliant additional things - the first is a real-time transcription of what's going on that you can highlight as and when you want. Second is just magic! It applies AI to summarise the meeting and detect participation and tone. Trust me, it reveals things that are amazing insights that are so useful.

Here is a no-code builder that gives you beautifully designed websites (like my one here!). You can use template blocks or design your own (and save them as templates). As well as having a generous page allowance (500 per site) it also has a blog and membership areas. It integrates perfectly with Flowlu (no middle-ware required) so my forms here can trigger CRM-based automations depending on which form is used. It is not expensive at $120 per year and is much easier and less troublesome than Wordpress (which I will never use again!).

For my 1:1 mentoring or strategy clients I use Upcoach to manage and record progress, as well as keep on top of assigned tasks. There's so much that UpCoach does - smart documents (create your own online client-only or cohort-only collection of things in one place), then there's the apps like 'circle of life' where you can capture current capabilities or views and then capture future ones too. And a personal favourite of mine is 'Habits' - this is where you can assign clients daily (or whatever) tasks, that they get reminded about and cna mark them off when completed. You can then tell how folks are doing against planned improvement - a simple comparison would 1 hour a day practice of piano - do that for a month and there WILL be improvement! It's a very capable and powerful platform that can also handle the financial side of things too.

There are many note/reminder apps and platforms out there and all seem to get complicated really quickly. I wanted to be able just to have somewhere that I can hold things that might be useful, tag them and extract when I need them. Turns out there is such a simple app/platform and that is Keep, developed by Google. I love its simplicity, looks great, the app does fancy stuff that voice notes and best of all, it's free!


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