I can streamline your processes using Flowlu; the most powerful and creative Customer Relationship Management platform out there. Let's work on those SOPs too!

Happier clients | Happier sales funnel | Happier you
Hi - I'm Neil Gowans*
Founder & Principal Consultant
A highly experienced corporate business process analyst, EmailPR & CRM digital marketer and a certified Facebook Community Manager – and using Flowlu every day for my business, I am excited to bring you my service that gets your Flowlu, your way.

100s of businesses have relied on me for help with their business processes and as a committed advocate of Flowlu, I now bring that experience to harness the immense power of Flowlu Customer Relation Management (CRM) for your business and your teams through custom workflows, lists, fields and much more.


And through my experience, I have spotted six things that are repeatedly being asked;
  • Noise!
    There’s too much to learn! The onboarding is there but it’s huge – if only someone could point you to the stuff you need first. You just don’t have the time for the tech.

  • Where to Start?
    You don’t know which bits of Flowlu is going to deliver the best benefits quickest.

  • What's best for me?
    You don’t know how to set up 'Flowlu for photographers' - you just want to flip the switch and best practice 'Flowlu for your business type' is there.
  • What will I need?
    You are a team of one just now, but you have plans – what’s the best way to build your future teams into your Flowlu?

  • What does this button do?
    You lack confidence – you don’t want to muck things up or break things. But you don’t know how everything is connected – you just need a Flowlu plan for what you need now.
  • How does it work?
    You just want to be trained in how the different moving parts work in Flowlu and how they interact. You have time and have clear objectives – just not the platform knowledge to hook it all up.
    Joint Owner, Shining Star Studios, Greenville, SC
    We were keeping track of clients via PostIt notes and Google Sheets. When I lost a several thousand dollar client bc they fell through the cracks, I decided to purchase Flowlu, but I was overwhelmed by all the customizations. I already had enough on my plate, and I needed to implement a CRM ASAP - I didn't have time to master another powerful software!! Then I hired Neil. He did a thorough assessment of our business and learned our unique processes so that he could build sales funnels and project workflows that work for me. He helps maintain our CRM, and clients are no longer falling through the cracks. The best practices and automations he implemented for us have nearly doubled our income in one year's time.
Faster Flowlu course is being developed now!
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Happier sales funnel = happier you
I thrive on empowering you to address all of these things and get the best out of Flowlu - to understand it, to use it and grow your business with it; that is what this service is all about.
Here’s something else I’ve noticed -
With over 35 years of working in many industries (and been on dozens of $10,000+ training courses - like Blue Ocean, Outcome Driven Strategy, etc), all of these businesses (and my clients) focused on customer retention as a key strategy. They never worked as well as they imagined.

Or putting it another way - select any 5 photographers anywhere in the world. All 5 will produce beautiful photos - as it should be. But how many have great customer experiences?! It absolutely will not be 5 - it might be 2, but probably one.

Focusing on customer experience is going to work way better – and Flowlu helps you a) control that and even better, b) makes it a consistent experience.

Which makes your clients talk about you – see where I’m going with this? ????

Similarly – think of the effort that goes into getting a customer; the chase. Does that same effort get applied to the experience once they are a customer?

There is a direct relationship between prospect conversion, client retention and customer experience.

Flowlu delivers the effective combination – once it’s set up your way, for your customers.
Voice of the Customer, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score) are all vital ingredients to you CRM strategy - I do this too and when the results of these are combined with the power of Flowlu, you get ground-breaking and exciting customer journeys that will make them want to stay with you.

    CEO, LRT Associates, Westerville, Ohio
    Neil has been a fabulous business partner in helping me setup my back office systems. His expert knowledge in Flowlu and industry knowledge is a jewel in understanding my requirements and implementing them into a sustainable business model. You can't go wrong with Neil as your business solutions integrator.
I spend pretty much every working hour helping small businesses make the most out of their CRM processes and Flowlu, with training, templates, integrations and automation.

Bear in mind that there are new features being added all the time to Flowlu – for example, a recent new user interface has just been released (along with many new functions to automations, projects and lists - among other things!) and that is a big thing for all Flowlu users – but of course it needs to integrate with your strategy and be folded into your existing Flowlu setup.

It's true to say that on first approach, Flowlu looks daunting with all its modules, variables and customisation possibilities. Which is why I launched this new service - I can help you navigate the dreaded 'first-phase-fear' syndrome and focus on your business imperatives so that you and your clients get the full benefit of great client experience.

I know how to define the right scope that's right for you and your most immediate business objectives - thus removing the overwhelm that often comes with opening Flowlu for the first time.

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    I hope that we do such great things together that this will be a testimonial from you one day - with your picture above and your site below.
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.
Here’s something really important in the mix – the customer journey and how Flowlu can support it – here's a nifty pic that shows what I mean...

Three Ways of Working Together
  • Setup, train & go

    Top features


    • We discuss your Flowlu objectives, current customer base, future business strategies.
    • We import your existing stuff (or start from scratch)
    • Work on the set up, review and test and approve
    • Provide training on a) your bespoke Flowlu elements, b) how to change them and c) on general Flowlu topics
  • Setup, train & support

    Top features

    • As per Business above, but with a retained term agreement where I monitor, amend, discuss, review, train and support
    • Cover new functions as they are released so that you Flowlu is best of class and delivering everything that you want your Flowlu to be
  • Training only

    Top features

    • 1:1 by module or by objective (eg setup/config, or Tasks and workflows) – or as an online training course (work in progress)
  • Have it all explained - What are the functions? why are they useful? and in what way they will be useful to you?
  • Make it yours - Use its creative customisations to power your business CRM processes and interactions
  • On Brand – using custom domains and emails
  • The ideal summary of all your projects and tasks
  • See what your pipeline (funnel) looks like and see any emerging trends
  • A central repository for all your client and prospect information available anywhere online and on your phone too
  • How to mind map (would love this to link to tasks – maybe one day!)
  • Using task timers to help invoicing and understanding your own or team workload
  • Unlimited surveys of your clients or communities - using other platforms (Qwary and QuestionScout)
  • Setting up finance functions properly
  • How to use Flowlu to collaborate with your team (even if they are not employed by you – eg contractors or VAs)
  • Connect it all up in such a way you get that great feeling of being in control of your CRM (and not the other way around!)
  • A highly tuned insight into what Flowlu should look like to do brilliantly for your business
  • And so much more. Seriously – this only just touches the surface!


  • An Email PR marketing expert
  • A corporate process & business analyst with over 20 years experience
  • SEO/AI/content optimisation
  • Unswerving support to meet your objectives
  • A reliable and committed member of your team, thriving on your success
  • A plan and how to follow it
  • Proprietary document which documents your Flowlu config
  • Take the tech out of the tasks - maybe you don't like the tech or don't have time for it
  • Community development & strategy
  • Surveys to boost relevancy
  • Business & CRM process design
  • GDPR (and all the other) compliance built-in
  • Options to suit your current budget
  • I make graphs that go up (KPIs)
  • Scottish dad; loves his family and single malt whisky ????
  • I'm a musician
❤️results that you will love

Sound like what you need?
Here's how it works
Prices vary on scope and objective so we need an introductory chat to determine what you need first and going forward.

Then I have the information I need to prepare and send you a proposal for you to review – we can discuss and adjust and then, all being well, we agree and move on to do the essential housekeeping paperwork – and then make Flowlu the best version of itself to serve your business and your objectives.

Not sure what to do next?

Let's arrange a chat, I’m confident you won't regret it.


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